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Provider of structured ground and flight training in Switzerland, EcoFlight.net training has dispensed courses since February of 2007 with an emphasis on:

- FAA Instrument rating for private and commercial pilots

- FAA Commercial pilot and unrestricted Private pilot (w/night flight)

- Recurrent training such as EASA SEP(A) class rating revalidations, FAA IPC’s (Instrument Proficiency Checks), FAA BFR’s («Biennial» Flight Reviews) and TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft / glass cockpit)


- Optimization of pilot’s time and training budget

- Flexibility to meet needs, objectives and schedules

- Minimization of carbon and ecological footprint


 Read about our FAA Instrument Rating theory course organized at Zulu Flight training Geneva (5 minutes walk from train station)

  Our Sites & Apps page has been updated with links to comply with PBN pre-flight requirements as specified in Swiss FOCA Directive 0-017 E applicable to instrument-rated pilots conducting RNAV GNSS (formerly: GPS) approaches in NCO (non-complex operations) airplanes


 New on-line occurence reporting form available

 December 2015 - Through our partnership with Zulu Flight Training in Geneva, we now also conduct training in a full-motion certified simulator

 November 2015 - Visit our new Airspace Documents page with the latest VFR guide for Switzerland (official publication, no longer printed) and IFR Low-enroute charts for Switzerland and France as PDF

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