FAA Commercial Pilot Course

Are you interested in becoming a pilot «for hire», progressing towards an Airline Transport Pilot certificate ? Or do you simply wish to become a better, more proficient private pilot ? Under EcoFlight’s guidance, you will:

- Learn precision maneuvers and professional skills

- Gain the ability to charge for your time as a pilot complying with FAA rules

-  Undertake each flight as a well-planned, perfectly executed endeavour


- Written exam course preparation

a. 3-day intensive theory course (5 days total if coordinated with instrument rating)

b. home study with included software

c. official computer-based testing sessions in London, Paris or the USA

Experience and training required for practical test

Have logged 250 hours of flight time as a pilot, including:

- 50 hours of cross-country flying with one 300 NM flight

- 10 hours instrument training (if not instrument-rated)

- 10 hours in an airplane with retractable landing gear and a variable-pitch propeller

- 5 hours night flight with 10 takeoffs, 10 traffic patterns and 10 full-stop landings, including one 2-hour > 100 NM night flight

Additional information

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