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Provider of structured ground and flight training in Switzerland, EcoFlight.net training has dispensed courses since February of 2007 with an emphasis on:

- FAA Instrument rating for private and commercial pilots

- FAA Commercial pilot and unrestricted Private pilot (w/night flight)

Recurrent training such as EASA SEP(A) class rating revalidations, FAA IPC’s (Instrument Proficiency Checks), FAA BFR’s («Biennial» Flight Reviews) and TAA (Technically Advanced Aircraft / glass cockpit)

EASA approved training organisation CH.ATO.0296 

Since 2017, EcoFlight.net has focused on its new ATO certificate, on Swiss-FOCA approved courses and on the FNPT-II qualification and operator certification of its RedBird FMX  FSTD (simulator)

Besides producing a considerable amount of paperwork for the competent authority, the primary activity of EcoFlight.net training is:

- EASA PBN (Performance-Based Navigation) theoretical and practical training

- EASA CB IR (Competency-based Instrument Rating) practical training

EASA CB IR conversion theoretical/practical training for ICAO and FAA instrument rating holders

EASA BIR course currently in preparation

Training priorities and focus

- Optimization of pilot’s time and training budget

- Flexibility to meet needs, objectives and schedules

- Minimization of carbon and ecological footprint

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 Our RedBird FMX FSTD(A) simulator is EASA qualified by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation as FNPT-II under reference EASA.CH.FSTD.0336 . We also maintain it to FAA AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device) specification and qualification.

 EcoFlight.net Suisse Sàrl is certified by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation as certified operator of Flight Simulation Training Devices under reference EASA.CH.OC.0048

 Read about our FAA Instrument Rating theory course organized at Zulu Flight training Geneva (5 minutes walk from train station)

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